Mount Beacon Park, Beacon NY
Mount Beacon, Beacon NY Hudson Valley

Spend the weekend at our Base Camp Bed and Breakfast and hike Mount Beacon! 

Just a stone’s throw from our bed and breakfast you can hike up Mount Beacon, it’s about an hour or so to the top. From the summit of the mountain you’ll be glad you made the trip, it’s a spectacular, panoramic views of the Hudson River Valley.

Several really breathtaking views from the rebuilt fire tower, incline railroad ruins and some great scenes somewhat off the beaten path.

If you are in decent shape the climb up Mount Beacon is not too difficult. For those who are out of shape hike up for a while and pace yourself, make sure to have enough energy to make the return back.

Word to the Wise
It is easy to get turned about on Mount Beacon. Use your phone’s compass and or GPS to orient yourself before making the trek. Pack a light back-pack with water, some light energy snack and during the summer and spring months make sure to protect yourself from ticks.

Distance to Top of Mt Beacon
2.4 miles up/back (overlook), or 4.4 miles up/back (overlook + fire tower), or a big fat 7.7-mile beast of a loop that hits the overlook, fire tower and several other points of interest

Mt Beacon Total Ascent
It’s about 1,004 ft (overlook from the summit)
1,561 ft (overlook + fire tower) or 2,603 ft (7.7-mile beast loop)

Max Elevation Mt Beacon
1,653 ft above sea level if you go to the fire tower, 1,210 ft if you turn around at the overlook

There is a very helpful trail map of Mount Beacon provided by Hike the Hudson Valley.